COMPANY PROFILE ______________________________________________________________________  

In Millennium, a 6-storey GEE HUP Building that has built up area of 99,000 square feet is easily located in heart of city. It has provided a larger storage yard, clean and comfortable working environment. It also provides cozy welcome hall that equipped with air-conditional. Besides, we are serving beverages and reading materials while customers are waiting for theirs turn to collect products.

Today, GEE HUP Auto Supply Sdn Bhd is well-known as a specialized distributor for the range of products belong all parts, components and accessories of MERCEDES-BENZ, NISSAN, HINO, SCANIA, VOLVO, MAN, ISUZU and etc. as heavy duty trucks.

Our company main aim is to offering full range of quality products and services as well as attractive prices. Furthermore, target at customers satisfaction by bringing in new computerized system to operate our company overall system in hope to improve especially in delivery service. We are also giving training courses or seminar to our staff to maximize their work efficiency and quality services to satisfy our customers’ needs.